To paraphrase a great speech:

"Ask not what the VFW can do for you, but what you can do for your post and community


Position: Name: EMail: Phone:
Commander Frank Squire
(916) 468-2038
Senior Vice Commander Robert Dana Johnson
(916) 802-9907
Junior Vice Commander Chris Darbyshire
(916) 857-3606
Quartermaster Rodger Meier (916) 213-3235
Chaplain Candance Ellisor
(619) 971-5746
Trustee 1st Year Ed McDaniel (916) 267-9093
Trustee 2nd Year Matt Gillen (916) 284-9445
Trustee 3rd Year Dale Parr (916) 804-7951


Frank Squire

Commander - Air Force - Post 10125

Robert Dana Johnson

Senior Vice Commander - Army - Post 10125

Chris Darbyshire

Junior Vice Commander - Army - Post 10125

Rodger Meier

Quartermaster - Air Force - Post 10125

Candance Ellisor

Chaplain - Marines - Post 10125

ED McDaniel

Trustee 1st Year - Army - Post 10125

Matthew Gillen

Trustee 2nd Year - Post 10125

Dale Parr

Trustee 3rd Year - Post 10125

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Boy Scout Troop 363

The Charter Troop for VFW Post 10125

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WWII Vet 98-yo Birthday

VFW, OC Agencies, Celebrate U.S. WWII Navy Vet, Harold E. Carter's 98th Birthday Thursday w/Drive-By and Happy Birthday Song in South County

Leading California Veterans Organizations Call on Governor Newsom to Reopen Veterans’ Posts

Groups say COVID-related closures are preventing posts from providing critical services to veterans such as processing claims for healthcare and disability benefits.

National News

Important info from National VFW

Veterans Organizations Comment on Halt to VA's Asset and Infrastructure Review Process

VFW Remembers Woody Williams

WASHINGTON - The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is mourning the passing of Medal of Honor recipient Hershel "Woody" Williams, who ...


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Assistance & Benefits

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