• Visit the vets that are hospitalized at the soldier’s home in Yountville, CA and at the Mather VA Hospital.
  • Staff the information desks (2) at the Mather VA Hospital.
  • Supports the California blood bank.
  • Supports the Cordova food locker with volunteers and funds.
  • Supports the Cordova Pride activities on July 4th.
  • Support and give recognition to the Firefighters, Law Enforcement officers, and EMT in the local area.
  • Promotes Americanism within the post’s area.
  • Attends funeral services of deceased post members.
  • Supports our National and State programs.
  • Gets involved with selected community activities that are within the Post's capabilities. i.e. Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts.
  • Provide support to the Sacramento area 'standdown' program ( homeless vets ) with donations and volunteers.

  • VFW FACT SHEET - it's what we do